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Our Story

RTE Cuisine began in a 1970’s farming community in Alberta, Canada. Founder Janet Holt’s mom always cooked a special 5-grain cereal overnight that was packed with enough protein, vitamins, minerals and fiber to get through each day. Using a low temperature and slow technique also made the end product sweeter and more tender by converting the starches to sugars.

But mom didn’t cook just any old grains. She encouraged local farmers to increase their organic production of ancient and heirloom grains and seeds so that more families could enjoy wholesome food. Her unwavering passion made a deep impression on Janet, who built a successful career in agriculture, trading the very grains her mother cherished.

Then in 2017, Janet realized she wanted to start her own business; one that gives people the same perfectly cooked, nutrient-dense grains she grew up with. As a single working mother and with help from her family, she brought RTE Cuisine to life using her mom’s approach: not processed, simply cooked. Today, this legacy is bringing quality, ready-to-eat ancient grains to kitchens across America with that same nourishing and authentic feel of home.


We at RTE Cuisine understand how difficult cooking grains and seeds from scratch can be. The process is time consuming, ranging from 30 minutes to 3 hours or even overnight. It’s easy to under soak or overcook, which leads to costly food waste.

That’s why we do the work for you!

Our extensive line of fully cooked, shelf stable ancient grains and seeds requires no cooking time, no stove top space, and no culinary skills. We source direct from farmers at the peak of freshness, then expertly steam-cook our products in the very pouch their served from. This field-to-fork methodology ensures that every shelf stable pouch delivers consistent quality with a robust flavor.

In addition to quality, we chose only simple, clean ingredients like water oil and sea salt. Combined with being rich in vitamins and minerals, our non-GMO grains and seeds give you the convenient plant-based nutrition you need.

From red and white quinoa to black lentils and over 15 other true ancient varietals, we’re helping chefs enjoy from-scratch quality ancient grains and seeds with shelf stable ease.


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